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Time:2015/09/16 15:17:09
Comment:My husband and I just went to see The Visit. I had read beforehand that there was no nauseating effects as with other handheld camera movies. Boy, were they wrong! We left a little after a half hour. Disappointing, because the movie was creepy and we were enjoying it.

Time:2015/06/27 07:58:29
Comment:Just saw the first 15 minutes of Birdman & I felt sick. I had to look away & it took
me a about an hour to feel ok. The drum solo also made it worst.

Time:2015/05/20 21:33:11
Comment:I haven't seen Jupiter Ascending but just knowing I'd be seeing Mila Kunis, I would throw up

Time:2015/03/14 13:06:35
Comment:Just saw the new live action Cinderella. Sick as a dog. So much swirling around
of the camera with these wide shots, ugh.

Time:2015/02/26 01:56:54
Comment:The movie Coherence almost made me barf. I couldn't get more than 20
minutes in without an overwhelming sense of sickness. It was on a big flat
screen TV in a dark room. Maybe that had something to do with it.

Time:2015/02/18 19:08:56
Comment:Project Almanac gave me terrible motion sickness!! Was in the bathroom
retching for a long time. Right from the beginning the shakiness happened
violently and I automatically felt sick, could barely enjoy the movie due to all the

Time:2015/02/10 21:13:08
Comment:The almanac project is VERY bad. Complete action with handheld cameras not
one part of this movie is not hand held. Spent more than half of the movie
looking at the ground and I couldn't even finish it completely. Still feeling Sick 4
hours later

Time:2015/02/08 10:19:52
Comment:Has anyone seen Jupiter Ascending yet and is it okay?

Time:2015/01/31 23:17:00
Comment:bullshit movie i still dont know what this movie is about.

Time:2015/01/31 01:12:26
Comment:Tried to watch The Almanac Project. I literally had to run out of the theater to
puke after less than 40 minutes of the movie. I tried backing away from the
screen first, I tried looking away every few seconds, didnt matter in the least!
Ugh! Fast cuts, bright coloration, horribly shaky "real cam". A motion sickness

Time:2015/01/23 08:44:47
Comment:Strange Magic uses bouncing, zooming camera and is nauseating....more vomiting kids in the theater!

Time:2015/01/22 20:07:42
Comment:I too saw Birdman. Didn't think an non-action film would cause
such distress. They have got to start disclosing to public.

Time:2015/01/10 23:22:38
Comment:Saw Taken 3 tonight. I've not had a problem with nausea at the movies in like 30
years until tonight. Granted, I don't go often anymore. We moved to the back of
the theatre and it got better. Didn't know that this was a thing with so many

Time:2015/01/03 04:35:18
Comment:Birdman was horrendous - almost entirely handheld. How can we get health warnings issued?

Time:2014/12/27 12:03:23
Comment:Can only watch 3D in the far back of the theater. Had to look away from a lot of the action in Hobbit Five Armies. Some take Dramamine before seeing the films.

Time:2014/12/22 08:54:26
Comment:Sorry for posting twice - didn't put the title in the first
one (sorry): The Hobbit, Battle of the Five Armies 3D: Be
prepared to close your eyes a few times, especially if
you're seeing it in IMAX. Overall, it's quite possible to
enjoy most of the movie without getting too sick. No shaky
cam (that's what REALLY gets me, so yay!) but some spinning
and moving with the characters. Not constant, thankfully, so
you can close your eyes for those parts and still watch most
of the movie

Time:2014/12/22 08:52:18
Comment:Be prepared to close your eyes a few times, especially if
you're seeing it in IMAX. Overall, it's quite possible to
enjoy most of the movie without getting too sick. No shaky
cam (that's what REALLY gets me, so yay!) but some spinning
and moving with the characters. Not constant, thankfully, so
you can close your eyes for those parts and still watch most
of the movie.

Time:2014/12/12 23:52:16
Comment:Saw Birdman tonight. It was so bad I had to leave the theatre after 30 minutes... still feeling nauseous 2 hours later!

I had no trouble with Box Trolls.

Melancholia was so bad I had to switch it off after 10 minutes.

Time:2014/11/15 23:37:11
Comment:Just saw Birdman, with near constant use of the "shaky camera." I became severely nauseous shortly into the movie. Moving to the back of the theater did not help. This has happened to me only one other time-Captain Phillips. Thank you for creating this web site to try and create a warning and rating system for those of us who want to know before we spend money on movies that will make us miserable!

Time:2014/11/07 09:37:04
Comment:How was Interstellar?

Time:2014/10/01 08:09:47
Comment:Anyone see Box Trolls yet? and how was it?

Time:2014/09/27 20:30:15
Comment:I watched "Wer" after renting it on Redbox, and while it was an incredibly interesting
movie, the "shaky camera effect" completely ruined my viewing experience. There is
hardly any calm moments of the movie, and I spent around 80% of my time staring at
the wall instead of watching. I felt terribly sick during/after watching it, and am still
recovering from it. Such a shame, it was such an interesting movie!

Time:2014/09/24 22:17:12
Comment:Just saw "as above so below". Made it to about one hour. Hardly could make it
to the bathroom. Piles once more afterwards.

From what I saw, it wasn't worth it.

Time:2014/09/21 18:51:15
Comment:I went to see 'As Above So Below' and I barely made it in 1 hour in before I had to
leave, and sit outside so I wouldn't throw up while my sister watched the rest of it
This has never been a problem for me before, just the horrid cameraman motions,
and the first person perspective made it a lot less enjoyable >< Didn't even get to see
the end.

Time:2014/09/19 13:19:25
Comment:"Saw" As Above So Below last night. I spent pretty much all of the movie with
my eyes closed and fan in myself with my sweater. I felt so sick and whenever
I'd try to watch the movie I would have to put my head down and try to calm my
stomach. I didn't get to enjoy any bit of the movie.. I spent the whole movie
trying not to throw up. Don't watch it if you're sensitive to crazy handheld camera
like movies.

Time:2014/09/14 16:32:56

Time:2014/09/01 09:51:54
Comment:Went to see As Above, So Below with some friends yesterday. And as of today I
still feel dizzy from it/ on the verge of puking as I'm typing. 😤😖😖

Time:2014/08/30 20:18:00
Comment:Went to see As Above, So Below and I don't suggest it! Not only
was the story hard to keep up with and had little substance, I
have been dizzy, seriously majorly off balance ever since. I
nearly fell down the stairs in the theater, kept falling into my
friends as we left the theater, and now, 5 hours later, I'm
STILL a little dizzy! The camera is CONSTANTLY wiggling all over
the place so you'll either throw up, get dizzy, and get pissed
you wasted $9.50+concessions on this movie.

Time:2014/08/30 19:53:49
Comment:Went to see As Above, So Below today and within 15 minutes, I got the biggest
migraine and had to prevent myself from throwing up all over the floor.

Time:2014/08/30 19:53:08
Comment:Went to see As Above, So Below today and within 15 minutes, I got the biggest
migraine and had to prevent myself from throwing up all over the floor.

Time:2014/08/30 19:42:40
Comment:Had to leave As above, So below the other night to
throw up from the hand held nauseating camera
work. You've been warned, it's bad.

Time:2014/08/30 13:34:05
Comment:Thanks for creating this site!

I went to see 'As Above So Below' last night with my girlfriend
and about 45 minutes into the movies almost puked in the floor.

Horrible experience.

Time:2014/08/28 08:44:29
Comment:Thanks Schezarde. I'll try to get it fixed.

Time:2014/08/20 13:45:25
Comment:Just realised that my comment earlier sounded as if we were annoyed at this
site!! Sorry to make it clear what I meant was we were annoyed at how
unprofessional the filming on Divergent looked! Thanks

Time:2014/08/20 13:41:03
Comment:I've just watched Divergent on DVD with my daughter and it was so badly filmed.
Loads of jumpy bits which whilst we didn't actually 'hurl' made us feel weird! So
we found your site while researching if anyone else had experienced the same
thing. We're annoyed at how unprofessional it looks but really glad we found this
site in the process.had no idea that so many people were affected by movie
motion sickness-I've only ever felt strange when watching 3D but I've never
been sick.Thanks for this site. Any advice on refunds for DVDs?!

Time:2014/08/16 14:21:56
Comment:ok - joined this site because my child, not myself, has started to throw up while at the movies - never have had this problem so I will now have to check in here to figure out if I can bring her to certain movies. We just walked out in the middle of TMNT movie - she started to feel bad right from the get-go. Also, someone else was vomiting during same movie. She also got sick at Earth to Echo and How to Train your Dragon II.

Time:2014/08/16 08:47:45
Comment:Into the Storm is mostly shot with handheld cameras. Very sick

Time:2014/08/14 23:45:15
Comment:The Giver was mostly ok- but with spots throughout that I had
to look away(shaky cam).

Time:2014/08/10 14:09:33
Comment:I keep getting a weird error when I submit a ratings. Maybe you can create a "Help" or "Contact Us" section to submit problems.

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Time:2014/08/10 13:57:32
Comment:Love this site. I was just about to create one like this... (paid for hosting and domain name). I found the explanation of movie sickness fascinating. I also like how you created the ratings and the predictions systems.

I am a web developer myself.
Just some suggestions:
1. If you don't have a Google webmasters account, you should create one. It'll help with SEO. It's free. ^_^
2. After logging in and going to the Comments page, you can automatically populate the "Name" field with the username.

Time:2014/08/02 15:12:50
Comment:I can't believe I found this website! This is great--I thought I
was the only one in the world with movie-motion sickness!! This is
my new go-to site. Thank you to all who suffered and posted so I
don't have to.

Time:2014/08/02 09:27:35
Comment:Thanks for this site. Took kids to see earth to echo and was sick for hours!
Never again. I will check here first! Why make shaky movies when a good part
of th audience will become ill???

Time:2014/08/02 09:25:15
Comment:Thanks for this site. Took kids to see earth to echo and was sick for hours!
Never again. I will check here first! Why make shaky movies when a good part
of th audience will become ill???

Time:2014/07/31 03:37:29
Comment:"A Most Wanted Man" was very shaky and impossible to get through. The sci-
fi movie "Coherence" was even worse! These should both be added to the list
for people to review.

Time:2014/07/26 19:34:03
Comment:Am very thankful to have discovered this site. The change in
camera styles in the last decade has really had a negative
impact on my ability to watch movies.

Jersey Boys: lots of tracking shots, be careful. Sounds tame but
there's a scene where a camera follows a birthday cake down a
hallway that is very unsettling.

Time:2014/07/25 17:25:19
Name:Helen K
Comment:Didn't last more than 45 mins in Earth to Echo. Thumbs down here

Time:2014/07/25 09:10:58
Comment:Hope Guardians of the Galaxy movie does not shake...will let you know next week....the only way to improve movie making is to get a refund from your theater and complain when you get nauseous watching a movie...

Time:2014/07/19 19:38:17
Comment:Just had my first experience with being ill from a movie - Earth to Echo. I left the theater and threw up. It is 48 hours later and I am still slightly sensitive to motion. I joined this in order to NEVER see a movie like that again.

Time:2014/07/13 00:51:13
Comment:Just saw Dawn of the Planet of the Apes 2D. No shaky camera at all.

Time:2014/07/05 15:00:37
Comment:Just saw Echo. Save your money, it was so bad, myself and 2 boys walked out
1/3 of the way through. It's so bad I wish I would have read this site first and I
would have been warned about it before hand.

Time:2014/07/04 15:17:41
Comment:This site is a good idea. You should make the average ratings available generically. (If they are already ignore this suggestion.) I would also suggest expanding the usefulness of the site by polling when the movie sickness occurred. Perhaps general description of what kind of sickness. Person's age may also be a factor. When I was younger these movies never bothered me.
Overall a good idea!

Time:2014/07/03 17:09:17
Comment:Make sure you get a ticket refund when Echo movie makes you vomit from the shaky hand-camera...don't sit very close to any kids...saw two vomit today..

Time:2014/07/03 17:08:41
Comment:Make sure you get a ticket refund when Echo movie makes you vomit from the shaky hand-camera...don't sit very close to any kids...saw two vomit today..

Time:2014/05/29 14:02:02
Comment:This site is a great idea. You should definitely do some social media promotions via Facebook, Twitter, and other links. I would love to see this site grow and become more widely used, and therefore, more accurate due to a wider range of participants. If you need money for the upkeep, throw on some non-irritating ads and open a PayPal donations link.

Time:2014/05/26 22:17:12
Comment:One time me and my friends were at the movies watching catching fire and my
friend puked on her leg and me and my friend were laughing then I puke then
my other friend ran out of the theater and when she came out of the bathroom
she puked all over the floor and it got all over the walls and everything! Then i
was still laughing and I walked backwards in her puke! We got kicked out...

Time:2014/05/26 22:16:57
Comment:One time me and my friends were at the movies watching catching fire and my
friend puked on her leg and me and my friend were laughing then I puke then
my other friend ran out of the theater and when she came out of the bathroom
she puked all over the floor and it got all over the walls and everything! Then i
was still laughing and I walked backwards in her puke! We got kicked out...

Time:2014/05/26 03:27:32
Comment:X-Men movie: I only had a small issue at about 1 hour into the
movie, shortly after Mystique jumps out of a window in Paris,
shaky cam amateur videos followed for a short period of time. I
commend the director/producer, whoever was responsible for not
overdoing it.

Time:2014/05/23 22:28:15
Comment:After fighting off movie sickness 2 nights in a row after
watching Million Dollar Arm (very inspiring movie, but zooming
close up face shots,etc.) one night, then Godzilla the next
night and having the roughest weekend because of movie sickness,
I googled "What to do when nauseous from movie camera shakiness"
and found this web site. Left a rating for Godzilla, hoping to
leave a rating soon for X-Men.

Thanks for this web site! And thanks to those who are
contributing. Your comments have finally helped me to accept I
just won't be able to watch some highly recommended movies. (I
tried hard to watch Cpt. Phillips, but after getting nauseous,
feeling hot, and getting a headache, I had to leave, noticing
that I was the only one in a large audience that left. Now I
won't bother to suffer so long, thinking I should be able to
override it.) Also, appreciate the explanation of what causes
movie induced motion sickness. Overcame car sickness as a kid,
didn't have problems on the ocean, but have movie sickness.

Time:2014/05/23 22:23:46
Comment:Saw godzilla tn. All was well until I got home and barf
alarfed. Came out feeling very dizzy. Captain philipps,
forget about it, had to excuse myself a few times.
Anyone try to take a lot of ginger before hand? Any
other tricks that seem to work? The smell of popcorn
kindeven makes me nacious...but only the buttery movie
theature kind..its strange, I can go on a roller coaster
on a full stomach and be fine..but the movies really set
the butterflies in my stomach flying.

Time:2014/05/18 14:53:36
Comment:I just saw Godzilla and was fine until about 45 minutes in... Then I had to close my eyes and eventually fell asleep, which was a good thing since the only other option was to go hurl in the bathroom! I think from now on I am going to take a Dramamine before any movie I go see.

Time:2014/05/05 06:01:03
Comment:Thank you so much for creating this site! This is a real problem for me - and I am so glad you are fixing it. I have put postings on Reddit and IMDB suggesting somebody creates such an index, but did not get much response. I am so happy to find out the other people have the same views and want to fix the problem! I had just about decided to code my own website - when I found that you had done the job!

Just for info: I had searched and searched for a site like this and not found anything. I only got directed here after a posting on IMDB. This is such a great website that want other people who hate shakey-cam movies to find it more easily. Perhaps there is more to be done on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get this site noticed by more people?

Well Done!

Time:2014/04/29 19:42:09
Name:Patricia ( Patty ) Kane
Re: Hunger Games

What a demented piece of garbage!

Base concept:
The Capitol rounds up 24 children every year to watch the children kill each-
other until one is left.

Note to author:
Anyone who can dream the concept and develop a story of children killing other
children for the entertainment of adults need some serious help. Possibly also
some serious medication to treat whatever is broken in your head.

You...are very sick.

Time:2014/04/26 10:33:56
Comment:I just watched Non Stop and the action scenes were too jumpy. I
had to keep my eyes closed. Drove home with aircon on full blast
and with a plastic bag in my lap:(

Time:2014/04/16 17:13:36
Comment:If I know a movie is shaky cam, I skip it in the theaters & watch it on the small screen, which is almost always fine for me. I had no idea about Beasts of the Southern Wild, which had me so ill on watching it on my laptop - I was worried I had food poisoning or something!! Happily I found this site, so I know where to check in advance.

Time:2014/04/14 14:47:42
Comment:Felt sick last night during Captain Phillips and this was the
first time I thought to look it up online and I found this site.
I think I was alright until half way but I guess the effects had
been working on me slowly from the start because I still felt
ill going to bed.
First experience was with Die Hard 3 during the central park
driving but we were sitting in the front row (never again, I
always sit at the back now). Same during Cloverfield and
Quarantine when watching at home, seems to take the first hour
before I realise the room is moving.
Also with computer games, first time was Echo the Dolphin
playing alone, now I get sick if I watch a friend playing -
mostly on first person shooters.

Time:2014/03/23 11:37:44
Comment:Couldn't watch Hunger Games. Ditto Lone Survivor. Had no problem
with The Lego Movie.

Time:2014/03/21 00:57:35
Comment:Watch out for Divergent. I was ok for 3/4 of it, but the last 1/4
made me really sick.If you want to watch it- stop watching
when "they" go to the "command Center"That's when they start
with a 360 pan of the camera and other hurl inducing "tricks".
Good movie, but best to just listen to the last parts .

Time:2014/03/15 22:20:09
Comment:Whoa. I just saw Non-Stop with Liam Nieson and Jullianne Moore. I'd rate it a 3
on the hurl factor. Luckily I made it home before I got sick. Lots of action
sequences and sweeping shots. I am SO glad I found this site. I got sick after
seeing Silver Linings Playbook and I thought it was a fluke. When it happened
again tonight, I thought there might be more to it. It feels good to know I'm not
alone (or crazy!).

Time:2014/03/10 03:58:58
Comment:hi fellow hurlers, I just discovered this site searching the net to see if I can go and see All is Lost tomorrow. Thanks for saving my money. It is not just that, I have sometimes been 12 hours in bed with vertigo after a bad movie, so it is also the time I lose before my body comes back to normal that worries me. I will look here in future. Thanks.

Time:2014/02/22 22:31:01
Comment:Thanks for participating in Movie Hurl everyone!

Time:2014/02/21 22:40:49
Comment:Went to Captain Philips & had to leave 30 minutes in. Home now but still feel
sick to my stomach!

Time:2014/02/12 02:15:39
Comment:Just watched Three Kings at a revival house last night and
practically threw up. I had seen it previously on DVD on my
computer without difficulty but the big screen did me in. I have
found that I have to sit far back in the theater to minimize the
consequences but that was no help this time. I had serious
problems with Captain Phillips and Beasts of the Southern Wild
on my computer so I wouldn't have lasted ten minutes in a

Time:2014/01/30 07:56:35
Comment:I just watched paranormal activity 4. I went in with my jacket, scarf and gloves
because I thought id be cold. Well after 30 minutes, I slowly started stripping. I
started getting really hot. I started to think if have to get up and vomit. The
constant camera movement is to blame 1000%. Luckily to barf I have to be
pretty bad off so I didn't, but it was close. I had to get some water. Didn't help.
Was warm. Luckily the movie finished. My friend had the same issue he told me
after. Great movie otherwise. Very scary!

Time:2014/01/29 08:20:10
Comment:I usually get a headache when watching "hand held camera" movies, but unexpectedly had to run from the room to vomit during Devil's Due. This has never happened before. Why do they make movies like this when a percentage of people can not watch them?

Time:2014/01/26 20:56:29
Comment:I got the hurls bad for a couple of recent horror movies: Devil's Due and Paranormal Activity, the Marked Ones. That shakey handheld camera-style shooting. Ugh, I just have to close my eyes, then put my hands over. I am glad to learn I am not the only person to experience this! The movie ratings board needs to add "rated TU" -- rated Throw-Up, so people like us will be warned!

Time:2014/01/26 11:58:19
Name:Captain Barf Phillips
Comment:Holy not see Captain Phillips if you are susceptible to the Movie Hurl. I
barely made it through the first 30 seconds as the characters are bouncing around
their home in VT and in their car ride. Fast-forward to the beach in Somalia!?!? No
way.....I was out while I could keep my lunch. I saw Don Jon instead by sneaking
in....and that was fine.

Time:2014/01/25 11:09:40
Name:Captain Hurl Phillips
Comment:Captain Phillips does every thing it can to make you movie sick.
I was too sick after 10 minutes to get up from my chair. The
entire move is using the shaky cam with constant bright and dark
images. Even with my eyes closed for 80% of the movie the nausea
would not go away. Most of the Somalians did not speak English,
so the translation was on screen which I could not open my eyes
to read. Too many close ups in the film. I knew I was in
trouble when I noticed the orange peel texture of Tom Hanks
face. This movie was way worse than Hunger Games.

In summary: Shaky camera for the entire movie, lots of closeups,
many foreign language closed captions.

Time:2014/01/20 09:53:17
Comment:Secret Life of Walter Mitty was fine until about 3/4 of the way through during the ship sequence. I could barely make it to the end of the film before hurling. Ruined it for me

Time:2014/01/18 23:39:07
Comment:American Hustle had no shaky cam. There was a couple of scenes with sweeping camera, but only for a few seconds. I'm happy to say that the film was totally watchable and enjoyable.

Time:2014/01/17 23:29:28
Comment:Devils Due made me very ill today, even though I looked away several times because of the shaky camera!!! Making movies with a handheld camera is insane!!! Stop it already!!!

Time:2014/01/04 16:39:11
Name:Secret Life of Walter Mit
Comment:Secret life of Walter Mitty made me sick today. They get on this boat and the
director wanted you to feel the motion and....

Time:2013/12/27 18:15:20
Name:Joe Flood
Comment:ow - just when you thought it was safe to go to a movie that
gets a decent Moviehurl rating - ads that make you sick! I went
to the Hobbit yesterday, and before it came on, two
advertisements where I couldn't look at the screen for a second!
:-((Corona and a local university.

This has gotten completely out of hand and we need to act!!

Time:2013/12/16 23:05:25
Comment:I just submitted the "All is Lost" and "Gravity" comment. I think that I should
explain that "All is Lost" is mostly filmed as if you are on the boat. It is constant
motion, as if you are really at sea.

Time:2013/12/16 22:52:04
Comment:Regarding "All is Lost" and "Gravity." Saw "All is Lost" today. Felt so motion sick
I had to step out half-way through just to breathe and settle my stomach. I
returned after 5-10 minutes, determined to finish it. When I was back in the
theater, I often had to close my eyes or look at the wall fixtures for balance and
finally just wanted it to end. It's been 10 hours since I left the theater and I still
feel slightly off. Conversely, I saw "Gravity" and had a only a few brief moments
of vertigo which didn't interfere with my enjoyment at all. Go figure.

Time:2013/12/03 19:18:27
Comment:Watched "Beasts of the Southern Wild" on my computer screen - or
tried to, had to give up. Worse than "Captain Philips"

Check out my "what do do when faced by a movie that makes you
sick" entry on

Time:2013/11/30 16:04:19
Name:Joe Flood
Comment:Oddly enough - I refused to go to "Gravity" at all and when I
finally went it didnt bother me in the slightest. Great movie.
Seems that even those of us high on the barf dimension have
different responses. (I cant play first person video games at
all, or use fiche or microfilm readers in libraries. My
grandfather was worse and used to get sick standing on a jetty)

Time:2013/11/30 15:57:18
Name:Joe Flood
Comment:After watching the appalling "Captain Philips" yesterday - and I
am still close to vomiting - I decided to start some advocacy
against the public showing - with no warnings - of this kind of
irresponsible movie. Glad to find this website, but we need a
lot more publicity.

I've started a facebook page called "Movies that make you sick".
Please go and "like" it and hopefully we will eventually get
enough traction to have these movies banned.

Time:2013/11/24 16:39:52
Comment:Why isn't anybody rating "All is Lost"? I won't risk seeing another boat movie without some guidance from you all!

Time:2013/11/24 02:55:49
Comment:Re: Gravity, had to close my eyes for a majority of the movie because of the first
person view. Goes on and on for a major part of the movie. Ruined the movie for me.

So glad to hear that there is no shaky cam for Catching Fire. I fought my way and
finished watching Hunger Games because I enjoyed the story line!

Time:2013/11/22 07:39:46
Comment:Thanks goodness. My daughter went to see Catching Fire last night and told me that I could probably watch it. I didn't go with her because I was so sick during Hungar Games with her.

Time:2013/11/21 12:51:31
Comment:Director of Catching Fire says no shaky cam.

Time:2013/11/20 10:20:12
Comment:Really wondering about Catching Fire......Hungar Games about did me in!

Time:2013/11/09 01:35:28
Comment:Just saw "About Time"' quirky British love story that was almost impossible to sit
thru. Just wanted it to be over. Worst I have felt since Hunger Games.

Time:2013/10/28 11:25:26
Comment:Can anyone who has seen "All Is Lost" comment on it? I'm afraid it might be another "Captain Phillips" in terms of motion sickness.

Time:2013/10/28 11:20:35
Comment:In Captain Phillips, not only are there constant hand held shots and too-quick editing, the camera persons went out of their way to constantly jostle the camera around while filming. This is the only film I've ever seen which literally made me very ill to watch.

Time:2013/10/24 19:07:52
Comment:I was surprised that Gravity only has a one star rating from 6 reviews. Will
someone who has seen it please comment on it? I really wanted to see it but I
figured it would be really bad for motion sickness just from the previews.

Time:2013/10/23 17:08:34
Comment:Captain Phillips was shaky from the first scene. I "watched" it with my eyes
closed (it sounded good anyway). One of the worst for motion sickness I've
seen in a long time.

Time:2013/10/20 02:26:09
Comment:Wish I had read the motion sickness reviews before sitting through
Captain Phillips with my eyes closed and my stomach heaving.

Time:2013/10/16 16:04:43
Comment:Walked out of Captain Phillips after trying to watch it for the first 20 minutes.
Asked for a refind and got my money back. The jerky camera was from the start
and not just in the ocean scenes.

Time:2013/10/14 17:39:11
Comment:Went to see Captain Phillips. I would suggest avoiding it if you get sea sickness.
Long scenes on a lifeboat in rough seas filmed with a hand-held camera.

Time:2013/10/01 09:08:54
Comment:I was thinking about seeing Rush but then I found a review that warned to be careful about watching it if you experience motion sickness. Guess I'll be waiting for the DVD :(

Time:2013/08/28 18:15:07
Comment:Usually this isn't a problem for me but I had to leave the theater
during Elysium because the constant motion of the camera made me
feel sick to my stomach. Thank God for Gravol!

Time:2013/08/28 18:14:30
Comment:Usually this isn't a problem for me but I had to leave the theater
during Elysium because the constant motion of the camera made me
feel sick to my stomach. Thank God for Gravol!

Time:2013/08/12 08:20:59
Comment:Elysium - made our family of 4 nauseous. Had to leave after 30
A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)- The same
Dear Directors: stop this technique! It's old already and was only
innovative for the low budget films (think Blair Witch).

Time:2013/08/09 00:35:21
Comment:Just saw Elysium. Couldn't enjoy the 2nd half because I was
nauseous. :(

1st half wasn't too bad but the 2nd half had too many jerky action

Time:2013/08/07 13:03:41
Comment:Anyone see Elysium yet? I have a feeling it will be unwatchable.

Time:2013/06/04 20:22:26
Comment:Project X made me so sick I had to leave the theater, and i was on a date. I really wish
these movies would warn people before hand that they are like that. Glad this page is
available though.

Time:2013/04/27 01:50:24
Comment:I saw "The Place Beyond the Pines" 22 hrs ago and I still feel sick! Unbelievable camera movement right at the start and then various places through the movie. And that was from the back row of the theatre! Be warned.

Time:2013/04/24 03:40:39
Comment:Saw Beasts of the Southern Wild today in the theater, and it did
me in after about 20 minutes. Eight hours later, and I still have
a headache. Had to leave the theater to try to get some fresh
air. I am amazed that others could actually sit through it. Sad,
since I heard it was very good.

Time:2013/04/08 02:34:42
Comment:Have just found this page. This could have saved me many an upset stomach and a lot of money in useless cinema tickets and meals eaten just before going into the theatre. I am one of those who actually have to go out of the theatre to throw up. As a teenager I was sick all over the lady sitting in front of me when I stood up to leave the first IMAX theatre I ever visited. Thankyou for this page and your helpful comments.

Time:2013/03/29 09:15:24
Comment:Thanks for this website, and please, everyone keep sending in the generic rating for my head and stomach appreciate this!
~~ I would like to ask if Redbox or NetFlix, would consider putting a motion sickiness warning on their movies? Or at least ask those who email their "reviews" of the movie would consider that? I always when sending in a review put in large caps the warning of motion sickiness! Plus how can we ask hollywood to PAN slower the camera for they are losing people in their audience?!!

Time:2012/04/08 14:29:07
Comment:Worst movie for movie sickness hands down Where the Wild Things
Art. Threw up after the first 15 minutes. Next, Hunger Games which
I just saw tonight. (Wish I had seen this website before I went.)
The first two Paranormal Activities weren't awesome either and I
even watched them on TV.

Time:2012/04/08 14:29:07
Comment:Wish I checked this before I went to see Hunger Games, it was wicked crowded
leaving only the very front row seats. Guess my overly excited self forgot to look
away when the camera went unsteady for a bit and of course naturally I ran out
throwing up.

Time:2012/04/08 14:29:05
Comment:Saw Hunger Games at 1pm today and I am still sick at 7pm. Damn it Hollywood! Stop the insanity!

Time:2012/04/08 14:29:04
Comment:HOME VIDEOS ARE EASIER TO WATCH! At first I thought that I must have gotten some bad concession food. Then it hit me about the time she tried to shoot that deer: THE VIDEOGRAPHER HAD ADVANCED PARKINSON'S, ATE AND DRANK CIGARETTES AND COFFEE AND WAS A WITHDRAWING JUNKIE WITH A POPSCICLE STUCK UP HIS @$$. That was just prior to ME hitting the bathroom door at 125 mph. I never get motion sickness from ANYTHING... until I saw The Hunger Games. I finally made it back in while they were training for the games but I found the back of the theater to be a better view. (The screen was framed by the wall from that distance and the shaking slowed a bit.)I would never go to see this on IMAX. Maybe the DVD will be better for those of us who didn't know to bring barf bags, Dramamine, and Tylenol. Maybe the sequels will be afforded a tripod, a professional videographer, and a better director. It's the next morning and I am still hungover. SAD:-(

Time:2012/04/08 14:29:03
Comment:I only found this site after seeing The Hunger Games and experiencing intense
disappointment - along with the nausea. I hope the movie industry smartens up.
Thank you for providing this service. Now we need one for some contemporary
architecture. . .

Time:2012/04/08 14:29:01
Comment:Thanks for the continued feedback. I confess, Movie Hurl is a little "locked in" to a four-level rating system at this point since the existing database only contains four levels. However, I have modified the wording in the rating choice drop-down menu to more clearly indicate the intended usage of each of the four levels.

I will continue to consider these kinds of design issues and if I can find a way to incorporate a fifth level into the existing database without breaking the existing data, I will consider it.

Thank you very much for your support and participation.


Time:2012/04/08 14:29:00
Comment:I agree with Kristin. You need a "had to run to the toilet" rating. And I would
use that rating on Hunger Games which I could only stand 20 minutes of last
night before running out and barely making it to the stall ....... so sad.

Time:2012/04/08 14:28:59
Comment:Thanks for the comment Kristin. I'm not sure that the problem being addressed necessarily requires greater "granularity" in the rating system, but I agree with you that the level-4 descriptions in the drop-down menus could be a little more inclusive of the upper-end of the spectrum. Level 4 is certainly intended to represent your description. I'll take your comment under consideration as I refine the site's layout and design.

Thank you.

Time:2012/04/08 14:28:59
Comment:I think you need a "5" rating. For movies that actually made you
vomit. I have three that would make that rating.

Time:2012/04/08 14:28:58
Comment:I saw Hunger Games last night and had to close my eyes through at least half of it. I left the theatre and had to sit outside in the cool air for about 20 minutes before I felt ok. It made me so mad I started crying. I'm sick of getting sick in movies!

Time:2012/04/08 14:28:58
Name:Matthew Cain
Comment:Black Swan is a great movie but sadly belongs in the top ten list IMO.

Time:2012/04/08 14:28:53
Name:Allison and Isabel
Comment:We found your website on Yahoo Answers a few hours too late (just saw the Hunger
Games and rated it 4 *s). We love it though!

Time:2012/04/08 14:28:52
Comment:To "Anonymous" who suggested adding Catfish in an earlier comment, the user interface lets you add new movies yourself. Scroll to the bottom, type in a new movie name, give it a rating and submit it. You'll simultaneously add the movie to the database and give it its first rating.

Thank you very much.


Time:2012/04/08 14:28:51
Comment:4 words: The Blair Witch Project

So bad with the shaking camera.

Time:2012/04/08 14:28:51
Comment:4 words: The Blair Witch Project

So bad with the shaking camera.

Time:2012/04/08 14:28:51
Comment:Catfish! Add it to your list! Threw up for 45 minutes in the theater bathroom. Had
to lay on the floor in there (ewww).

Time:2012/04/08 14:28:50
Comment:Thanks for the feedback Jennifer. I'm tremendously disappointed to see Hunger Games doing so badly on Movie Hurl...but hey, that's why I created Movie Hurl in the first place.

Thanks for participating.


Time:2012/04/08 14:28:50
Comment:Thank you for this site. It's nice to know I'm not the only one
who loves going to the movies, but hates how some of them make me
feel. I saw Hunger Games last night and only watched the first
half. I was so sad, I LOVE the books!

Time:2012/04/08 14:28:43
Comment:I appreciate the feedback everyone. I'm glad people appreciate the site. A recent comment asks whether older movies should be added. I certainly have no argument against it, although it is worth noting that the motion-sickness effect is stronger on a large screen, so people who watch older movies (and therefore watch them on TVs) are at less risk for this problem. Once a movie is out of the theaters, its relevance to this website is diminished...but no entirely, so let's keep a record of this problem anyway.


Time:2012/04/08 14:28:43
Comment:Im not sure if this is just focus on newer movies but, back in 2007 I saw a movie
called "Primeval" and I only made it 20 minutes in before the ' Shakey Cam'
made me sick...

Time:2012/04/08 14:28:43
Comment:Great idea of a site. I just made it through 40 minutes of the new movie
Chronicle before having to leave the theater due to movie sickness. It's an
hour later now and I still feel ill, but I haven't hurled, yet. Ugh. I wish I had
known the entire movie was shot with a handheld camera.

Another movie I had to walk out on was Children of Men. But it hasn't been
in theaters for years so I guess my warning won't help anyone. I really hate
these directors who make movies like this.

Time:2012/04/08 14:28:41
Comment:I also plan to advertise this site, as it's just what I've been looking for. I feel like the general public isn't even aware this is a thing. I'm embarrassed when I have to leave a party or tell friends I have to sit in the back or leave a movie to vomit.

I wish movie review aggregators would at least list "hand-held" or "documentary-style" in a movie's general info, so I'd know what to expect. But this site is really great!

Time:2012/04/08 14:28:41
Comment:I went to see 'Conviction' this morning, and had to go outside
while the trailers were on as the volume was so loud. I noticed
that almost as soon as the film started, I felt sick, even though
it was steadycam. I've also noticed that just the memory of
feeling sick before at the cinema can start to make me nauseous.

Time:2012/04/08 14:28:41
Comment:Excellent Sebastian. Thanks for the support.


Time:2012/04/08 14:28:41
Name:Sebastian (PY)
Comment:Keith, I am apalled that this site does not have more movies. We (not you) are probably at fault.

Guys, c'mon, let's promote this via facebook or whatever to all your friends whose head spin with certain movies!

I am a software developer and yesterday a movie called "Tren Paraguay" (which is great BTW) almost killed me. Ended up vomiting, and going to the doctor for some medication.

I was ready to do somethig like this myself just out of rage but I'm glad I found your site.

Now my job is to promote it.

Time:2012/04/08 14:28:36
Name:Lynn Jensen
Comment:God bless you for creating this site. As I have gotten older, my motion sickness
has become worse. It's positively awful when I get movie-sickness. I couldn't
agree with you more on all you have said and applaud you for taking on all those
stupid directors who think hand-held camera footage is edgy. I was trying to
watch "Babel" this morning and after 25 minutes I was toast. I spent the entire rest
of my Sunday with a headache and nauseea. I was ticked-off, needless to day.

You rock!

Time:2012/04/08 14:28:35
Comment:If its a jumpy-camera movie, just watch it on a tiny, tiny screen. Motion sickness for me is a field-of-view effect. Even silly IMAX movies make me hurl, since they're on a huge screen.

Time:2012/04/08 14:28:34
Comment:Welcome to the Movie Hurl public comments board!